Product Features


3-Layer Technology

The 3-layer, air-channeling technology creates interlocking air cells to immerse and envelop the patient providing low tissue interface pressure. The 3-layer design provides total air support, which helps to prevent bottoming out.


Button vs. Pocket

The SofCare Button vs Pocket design allows immersion and envelopment. With 150 cells on 150 cells, the patient is always on air.


4-way Stretch Top Cover

Top cover: 4-way stretch (allows immersion, designed to reduce shear and friction) and breathable (permeable to air and impermeable to liquids).



The pump is designed for an easy-use and controls the comfort simply by turning the knob. The system allows the free flow air adjustment.


Universal Heel Boot*

This boot is designed to fit most foot sizes and provides easy access and heel visibility.

SofCare Chair Cushion*

This cushion has a unique air-channeling technology that redistributes a patient’s weight to reduce tissue interface pressure.

*Please refer to your local customer service for country availability